我的芭比公主 我的芭比公主 ,无敌流浪汉作弊码 无敌流浪汉作弊码

发布日期:2021年03月05日 我的芭比公主 我的芭比公主 ,无敌流浪汉作弊码 无敌流浪汉作弊码
我的芭比公主 我的芭比公主 ,无敌流浪汉作弊码 无敌流浪汉作弊码
Event & Roadshow
One-stop professional services for large-scale events & roadshows
From strategies, creative ideas, designs, productions, logistics, to on-site construction and installation
1,560+ large-scale events every year (>4 events / days on average )
12,000+ medium and small roadshows every year ( >32+ roadshows / day on average )
Ability to simultaneously launch and execute large-scale events in multi-cities
Rich experience in nationwide roadshows
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LUX Tmall Happy Day








LUX Tmall Happy Day

The LUX BCI series is newly launched this year. BCI is younger and suitable for young women. In order to meet the preference of modern young women, Lux set up a flash shop in Shanghai Global Harbor with the theme of “Shining Women, No Hidden”, attracting a lot of participants. At the same time, Lux spokesperson Ms. Mi Yang also attended this event, interacting with fans, media and audiences, and made live broadcast for 1 hour on Tmall Online Supermarket, which triggered a network hotspot.

LUX “Shining Women, No Hidden” flash shop hopes that consumers could feel the theme through the interactions. When we first planed it, regarding to the question “How to make consumers feel the women’s energy through interaction?”, we conducted a survey on young women’s (20-30 years old) preferences. Finally, we created various specific activities. The event achieved a great success, crowded with people, also there was a Tmall Doll people could take a photo with.

We built 3 beautiful photographing areas, allowing participants to take photos and upload to their social media, attracting many cyber celebrities to for live broadcasts. Especially the “Starlight Tunnel”, women who went through it would not hide their “lights”. Participants could use free LUX disposable products and make a hairstyle by professional stylist in 6 special areas. When the participants completed all the interactions, they would get a coin of “Ms. Mi Yang’s Doll Machine”. There’s was a lucky man who got a MK bag, worth at 3,000 RMB, the same as Ms. Mi Yang using.

LUX disposable products were highly praised by the participants, they were willing to buy at once. The products sales are raising steadily.

We meet a great challenge including controlling the flow, security arrangement, VIP and star arrangement. We maintained close communication with the star, the client, and the security department, held many meetings at the beginning, ensuring the safety of more than 100 guests and making sure that the event could be held successfully. With all the efforts, we finally had a brilliant event which is highly praised by many parties.

We invited nearly 50 medias and more than 40 fans to broadcast the whole event, joint with Tmall Online Supermarket, introducing the new products of LUX. The network has a flow of millions of people. The whole process was very tight, we interacted with fans, medias, and customer brands, had a lot of fun.

This event was well received online and offline. Our clients LUX were also satisfied, we received more cooperation opportunities after that.

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